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 My Dream of Tomorrow

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PostSubject: My Dream of Tomorrow Fri 10 Jul - 10:04

Hey guys. I was one the participants from All Saint's Academy for the SSAT on Wednesdsay 8th July 2009, and after the session I was definitely eager to sit in the Dream Chair, but as Graham said we didn't have time.

My dream ever since I was 7 was to become a singer and I want to stick with that dream, however recent problems have arose with my jaw, so that wish is unsteady for now. I want to be an actress, as most girls do, and about two years ago I decided I wanted to be a pianist as well.
Because I can't live without music, I also produce my own songs and compose them. You can hear them on YouTube if you want. Just look up FF7babe and they're my vids! Very Happy

As I grew up I understood my true capabilities little by little, so now I wish to become a novelist as well as the things I have already stated. I also want to dive a little into becoming an Egyptologist and a Meteorologist, and if that doesn't work, then I'd like to become a manga/anime artist (Japanese animation).

But most of all, my biggest dream as of now is to visit, possibly live in Japan and to speak Japanese. I am self-taught and I know a little of the language, but I'd do anything to be able to speak it fluently.

So er...Wish Me Luck!! And thanks to Graham and Carlo and the Heroes Staff ever so much! I think you have changed my life!!


P.S. 私の幸運を祈ってください!! (Please wish me luck!)
The sound quality is amateur, simply because I don't have the chance to record it professionally.
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one t

PostSubject: Re: My Dream of Tomorrow Fri 10 Jul - 20:42

Wow Shianele,
you have so much talent,did you write the lyrics youself?
Ive just watched your clip with my children & we all agree it was amazing.Glad you enjoyed being at Stamford Bridge with us this week ,all of us at Human Utopia cant thank you all enough.
Good luck,
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PostSubject: Re: My Dream of Tomorrow Sun 12 Jul - 2:40

Thank you! I really appreciate it!
And yes I did write the lyrics myself.

Thanks again for the support, and I'll try and upload more of songs as soon as possible, seeing as I finished one yesterday. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: My Dream of Tomorrow Thu 23 Jul - 8:54

Nice dreams :]
I also want to become an anime/manga artist
What animes' do you like?
I'm obsessed with Naruto Smile
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Radom Shelly

PostSubject: Re: My Dream of Tomorrow Fri 3 Sep - 16:45

You can sing I'm not even in to this time of music but you have caught my attendance, i think it's great that you have lots of dreams as then you can achieve more and when you look back you can say wow I did it.

I also want to be a novelist I have got a lot of story but I am currently having a writer block as have no idea how to end my story. Have you writen anything yourself?

What manga do you like as I have a few books, death note is the one I like the best even though berserk is really cool.

Good luck with all your dreams I hope you achieve them and sorry about the spelling it's my week point
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PostSubject: Re: My Dream of Tomorrow

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My Dream of Tomorrow

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