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 my dreams

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PostSubject: my dreams Wed 13 May - 18:32

i want to tell you my dreams:

.1. i want to be a professional singer

.2. i want to be just like my hero michael jackson

.3. i want to meet michael jackson

.4. i want to crate my own charity and give money to the starving children

and heres my question

do you think i can do it?

thank you

charlie p.s. be honest
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PostSubject: of course Thu 14 May - 6:20

of course you can do it. anyone can do anything they want so long as they work hard for it. the only way i can say you will definitely not meet michael jackson is if he dies. so keep working and you'll get there one day.
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PostSubject: ty Thu 14 May - 9:20

thanks yh true if he dies i wont meet him lol
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Kadian R

PostSubject: My 10 dreams Sat 6 Jun - 18:25

  1. To become a famous gospel singer
  2. To see peoples lives change
  3. Become a youth worker and run my own night for teenager
  4. Working with babies
  5. Not sure yet but maybe advertising
  6. Having my own show but I am not sure what about (still thinking about that)
  7. Opening up a music shop
  8. Teaching kids how to play drums and the keyboard
  9. Opening up a basketball camp for girls
  10. Organising music behind the scenes in Films and TV Shows
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PostSubject: wow Sat 6 Jun - 19:10

All are very powerful dreams. Good luck to you on making them happen! Very Happy cheers

*Moves to Dreamin' Out Loud*
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PostSubject: my dreams ^^ Fri 19 Jun - 16:58

My dreams are to :

1) Become a Manga Artist
2) Become an author
3) Go to Japan
4) Meet masashi kishimoto Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: my dreams Sat 11 Jul - 9:23

1) To Record An Album With My Band
2) Sell Out A Gig In London
3) Have Fans Sing The Words To My Songs Back To Me
4) Go To Japan
5) To Be Happily Married, & Have Children
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PostSubject: Re: my dreams Sat 11 Jul - 9:26

good luck to you all !!!

keep dreaming out loud at high volume!!!


Very Happy
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PostSubject: Heey Sat 11 Jul - 21:23

My Dreams Are.

To travel the world.

to Become a successful actress/ bussiness woman.

To meet my idol miley cyrus

and thats all i can think of.

I Even Sat in the Dream Chair and Spoke My Dreams at Chelsea FC !

and i just wanna say How Much The People at humanutopia have changed me and i'm not letting people fill my bin!

Samantha x
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PostSubject: Re: my dreams

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my dreams

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